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Activated Charcoal Products: Online Buying Guide

by Sandy Taylor

When was the last time you came across a celebrity or one of your acquaintances talking about the benefits of beauty care products with activated charcoal? It may have been a few moments back on Instagram or Facebook. If you are the type of person who keeps track of the beauty industry, you probably heard about these products on your news feed. 

In recent years, these products have become very popular among women and men from around the world. In fact, activated charcoal products have started a new era in the beauty care industry. You may have wondered where you can buy activated charcoal products. After all, you don’t always see them on the shelves of local stores where you buy your regular beauty products. Though activated charcoal products have grown immensely in terms of popularity, they are still a niche product and hence you need to look for alternative ways to buy them.

Buy Activated Charcoal Products Online 

The answer to your where to buy charcoal question is simple: buy them online. Being a niche market, most brands have found that the online B2C model is the most convenient way to reach out to a large section of the target customers. Though many companies are working on creating a strong supply chain in the retail industry, their online ecosystem remains their first choice. This means you benefit from this too as you don’t need to burn gas and drive around dozens of stores in search of activated charcoal products. Just log on to your workstation or pick up your smartphone and you would come across these products on several online marketplaces and brand stores. It is the easiest and the most convenient way of buying these products.

Research about the product 

You should be extremely careful when you are buying activated charcoal products. First of all, activated charcoal products usually come from companies that are trying to create a foothold in the market. While some of these companies may have taken giant strides in recent years, chances are, you aren’t aware of them. This is where you will need to do your research about the brand and its products. Always read online reviews that have been published about the products and also listen to what others have to say. This will help you make the right choice as far as buying an eye mask, a face pack or activated charcoal toothpaste.

Shop from reliable places

Once you have done your research on the products and identified a brand that you are likely to shop from, the next thing to do is to choose a reliable place to buy these products. Your initial instinct might suggest you choose a bigger market place such as Amazon or one of its competitors. Here you need to be extremely careful and read the reviews about the seller on these marketplaces. This is because several sellers on these platforms are also known to sell counterfeit products. It would be better for you to place direct orders on the maker’s website if they sell their products online. By doing so, you will be able to assure about the quality and authenticity of the product you are buying.

You must keep your eyes open when you are planning on buying activated charcoal products. Remember to choose a product that comes from a reputable brand and one that enjoys a good reputation in the market.


About the Author: Ryan Channing is a beauty expert and Founder/Director of the company BLAQ™the leading Australian brand for charcoal skin care products.

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