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How to Apply Blush to Make Face Look Thinner

by Sandy Taylor

A lot of people don’t know you could actually use blush to make your face look thinner. Using blush is usually applied as one of the last finishing touches in a makeup routine which makes them the ideal makeup to use if you decide at the last minute that you want your face to look a bit thinner.

In this post, I connected with beauty and makeup experts and asked me to share with us their best tips on how to apply blush to make the face look thinner.

Here’s How to Apply Blush to Make Your Face Look Thinner:

Lina Buk, a beauty expert at Nail Art Gear, suggests that both the color and method of application are important. Most people learn to apply blush to the “apples of their cheeks.” It’s a fairly common expression, but what does it really mean and where are the “apples” of the cheeks?

To find the right spot, look in the mirror and smile widely. The parts of your cheeks that rise towards your eyes when you smile are the apples. Another way to find them is to suck your cheeks in. The part above where you suck in, that stays fleshed out, is the apple.

To make your face appear thinner, apply blush only to the upper part of the apples of your cheeks, instead of all over the apple. When you apply blush all over the apple, it actually makes your face appear fuller. Sweep the blush from near your nose upwards and outwards towards your temples.

You can also apply bronzer just below your blush (near the hollows of your cheeks) and highlighter just above the blush to enhance the slimming effects.

The color of your blush is important, too. You’ll want to use muted undertones, instead of pink or red undertones, when attempting to achieve a slimmer look.

Reds and pinks make the face look rounder, so stick to neutral tones.

Read These Tips Before Starting

Wanda Perez, a professional makeup artist with over 7 years of experience, shares some tips you should consider:

  1. Consider Applying Blush After the Apples of Your Cheeks – I’m sure your mom, aunt, or whoever taught you to apply blush simply told you to smile and apply to the apples of your cheeks. Do not do this! Instead, apply your blush slightly after the apples of your cheeks and in between your cheekbone and contour. That way when you smile your blush does not drop giving you a rounder face.
  2. Apply Blush In an Upward Motion – This biggest key to making your face look thinner when applying your blush is to use an angled blush brush and sweep the product across in an upward motion. This will bring attention and light to higher points of your face.
  3. Use A Blush With Some Shimmer – A nice shimmery blush will help capture light in all of the right places especially if you apply in an upward motion.
  4. Apply More Blush Than Usual: Blush is one of the first products that gets faded as your day progresses so make sure to apply just a touch more than you normally would. That way you can spend the whole day looking like a glowy, snatched goddess!

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