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Changing Your Hair Color Without Dyeing It

by Sandy Taylor

According to studies, around 65% of women regularly dye their hair. Chances are you have already experienced drug store hair dyes, but you may not be aware of the number of chemicals they contain. 

Most hair dye products contain more than 5,000 chemicals that may harm your health in many different ways. For this reason, women are turning to less-aggressive solutions for hair coloring. There are many natural, as well as commercial alternatives to permanent hair dye. Some of them are perfect for covering gray hair, while others enhance your hair’s natural color. 

With so many variations, it’s best to try some of the alternatives before dying your hair with permanent color, and see if they deliver the change you need. In this article, we’ll list some of the most popular and most effective color-changing treatments that don’t include dangerous chemicals. 


Henna has been a popular natural hair dye for grey hair for centuries. It’s a powder that comes from ground leaves from the plant henna. The leaves contain a natural coloring pigment used for hundreds of years for hair coloring, temporary tattoos, and nail coloring. Not only does it color your hair, but it also nourishes it and gives it a healthy shine. 

On its own, natural henna develops a reddish-orange color. If you see henna products that offer other color shades, you should know that the manufacturer has added other ingredients and mixed it with henna to achieve other colors. 

Henna works amazingly for natural red hairs because it enhances the natural shade of the strands and makes them shiny and bouncy. Brunettes achieve amazing auburn color shades with henna. If you’re a natural blond, you may need to mix a little chamomile into the henna paste to slightly tame the color, so you don’t end up with bright orange hair. 

Making your own henna dye is very easy:

  • Mix one cup of henna with two cups of lemon juice
  • Allow the mixture some time to thicken and form a paste (usually 4-6 hours)
  • Apply the paste to your hair and comb it from root to tip
  • Wrap up with a plastic wrap and keep it on for two to three hours 
  • Rinse well


If you’re looking for homemade brown hair dye, or for a way to lighten your blond hair, you should try using tea. It works best with natural hair colors. Black tea can help you achieve a darker color, and it will also cover any gray hairs. Keep in mind that black tea won’t be able to turn your blond hair brown – but it will darken it and give it a new, deeper shade. 

For those who want to lighten their natural hair color, chamomile tea will do the trick. It works particularly well if you leave it on your hair and sit in the sun until you rinse it.  


In addition to being an incredibly tasty drink that gives you tons of energy, coffee is also an effective temporary hair dye. If you wonder how to use coffee for coloring your hair, you should know that this method works best if you’re looking to go darker.  It also covers gray hairs and adds depth and dimension to dark locks. 

All you need to do is brew some strong coffee, let it cool, then mix it with two tablespoons of coffee grounds and two cups of your regular hair conditioner. Apply the mixture to clean hair and let it sit for around thirty minutes. Rinse well with apple cider vinegar for the color to last longer. 

Lemon Juice

People don’t always need a big change – sometimes you just want a few highlights to add dimension to your hair. Using lemon juice is the perfect natural method for this. 

If you aren’t sure how to dye your hair with lemon juice, get prepared for a long, tiring process. Just kidding! It is probably the easiest method of them all:

  1. Squeeze fresh lemon juice
  2. Spray it on your hair and brush it out
  3. Leave it on your hair for at least 30 minutes 
  4. Sit in the sun for best results
  5. Rinse and apply conditioner

Lemon juice has a slow effect, but if you repeat the process several times, you will get amazing, lush highlights. Blondes can mix lemon juice with chamomile tea and get even better results. 

Hair chalk 

To get bright temporary colors, you can use hair chalk. It works best if you rub it across damp hair. You may repeat the process until you get the color intensity you desire. Hair chalk is opaque, which makes it awesome for any hair color, including deep, dark shades. It’s a popular temporary hair dye for kids because it allows you to create strikes and end up with interesting, colorful hair strands. 

If you want to avoid traditional hair dyes, go with some of the less aggressive methods mentioned in this article. Whether you want to enhance your natural color, add some highlights, colorful strands, or change your shade completely, there is a natural, safe solution. Instead of treating your hair with harmful chemicals, try the alternatives first. A natural solution may be all you needed in the first place. 

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