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A Case for Including a Cosmetic Clinic Routine As A Way To Boost Well-being In 2022

by Sandy Taylor

There has never been a time in our history when such a high number of people in Canada and in places around the world are striving to put their wellness and well-being at the top of the pyramid. Progress has also been made in breaking down stigmas and encouraging a more body-positive environment. If we imagine that only a couple of years ago plastic surgery was considered a giant deal, some even deeming it as vulgar. 

As cosmetic treatments have evolved, they have also transformed into something people are comfortable with. 2020 means everyone can chose to get one – whether an anti-aging injectable or a lip augmentation. The science also makes it a lot easier to get the desired effects with non- or minimally invasive options. 

Just like many of the habits we all trying to adopt as a way to boost our well-being and help us become who we want to be, if something so accessible as a cosmetic treatment can play a role in making that happen from one perspective, then no one should feel stifled to get it. 

Inclusiveness is the key word of the beauty industry in 2020 and more and more Canadians are becoming aware, both from a commercial perspective and a consumer one. It’s no surprise Canada’s cosmetics market was worth $11 billion back in 2015 and by 2021 it’s expected to jump to almost$16 billion. 

In spite of the many years of negative stories in the media about cosmetic treatments, social media is making progress in changing the narrative. Celebrities and influencers are not the only ones playing a role here. It’s a friend who always had to deal with acne even into adulthood leaving visible scars on their face. It’s a co-worker who just ‘liked themselves better’ with lips more plump. It’s a relative who wants to get rid of some wrinkles because it will make her feel happier and more youthful. It can be anyone and it is completely acceptable and reasonable to have it.

There is also the health benefits to consider. While a body contouring treatment may not have a lot of benefits beyond boosting self-esteem, under certain circumstances cosmetic treatments have the potential to play a role in alleviate serious symptoms. For example the well-known Botox injection which has been at the peak of a constant wave of criticism, has been shown to alleviate chronic migraine, Bell’s palsy and potentially, depression.

It is absolutely imperative, however, to acknowledge the real reason behind seeking a cosmetic treatment and make sure it has a healthy source. Even though all this progress in people owning self-care rituals and being open about them, it’s important to take into consideration how different we all are, and how, some people are more vulnerable than others to undergo physical changes for the wrong reasons. To tackle this, cosmetic clinics in Canada have started to implement thorough assessment including mental health on the list.

Back in 2012, a survey of over 800 women across Canada revealed that 57% are getting inject-able treatments and as many as 81% believe that these treatments are more mainstream than ever. Eight years later and still there hasn’t been a new report on how attitudes and perceptions have shifted in almost a decade in Canada. However, the positive trends and forecasts as well as research conducted in other countries are indicative that these percentages have increased substantially. 

Cosmetic procedures are definitely here to stay. Technological advances will only encourage affordability, availability, accessibility and quality in the future. From innovative uses for injectables and fillers to provide optimal results in skin tightening, cutting-edge developments are in the pipeline and they will challenge the status quo. 

As we are still in the early months of the new year, about the time when holidays and milestones throughout the year are being planned and New Year resolutions are still fresh in mind, Canadians should feel informed and encouraged to include cosmetic procedures in their rituals for the upcoming year. If there is even the slightest benefit in enabling someone to feel and look their best self, there should not be any barriers in stopping them achieve this. And luckily, Canada ranks amongst the best in providing next-generation cosmetic treatments in a holistic way that looks at clients as a whole. 

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