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How to Draw Eyebrows Without Concealer

by Sandy Taylor

There are ways to draw your eyebrows without using concealer. In this post, I reached out to a few talented beauty gurus and asked them to provide me their tips for drawing eyebrows without concealer. These tips are simple and easy to do, even for a beginner.

Here’s how to draw eyebrows without concealer:

Margina Dennis, makeup guru and former Beauty Director for LA’G Magazine provides us the following tips:

  1. Eyebrow Stencil –  There are a lot of different brow shapes.  Find a stencil of the shape that you like and lightly use an angled brush or a pencil in a shade darker than your skin and draw along out the outline of the brow on your but do not fill in with color!
  2. Tweeze and Trim –  Tweeze the hairs that do not fall within the stencil area or trim ones that are too long.  You don’t want to tweeze those or you could end up with bald spots that will need to be filled in later.
  3. Pencil –  Take a brow pencil that is closest in color to your brow color or slightly lighter and make sure the point is sharpened well. If the pencil is a little soft, throw it in the freezer for a couple of minutes.  With light pressure, draw hair-like strokes in the areas where the brow hair is a lot thinner, like the tail and the front part of the brow.
    Don’t forget to re-sharpen along the way and use the stencil outline to guide you as to where to draw.  I like to stay away from too dark shades because they can age you or make you look unhappy.
    I also stay away from shades that are too red because it looks like an irritation instead of natural.  Brett Freedman has an amazing range of brow pencils.  If you are looking for those hard to find blonde and red ranges, his Vanitymark line is the solution
  4. Blend –  Use a spoolie or a brow brush and comb the brows down and then up to soften the pencil and also to see where else you need to fill in the brows.  Leave the brows brushed up so that you can finish the filling in process.
  5.  Powder  –  Use a small detail/blending brush and eyebrow powder to lightly fill in those areas that still need a little love.  I like to use a bit on the tail to give it more definition.  Senna Cosmetics has some of the best brow powders on the market!
  6. Finishing Touches –  Use your spoolie or brow brush to get your brows where they need to be and then finish up with brow gel or brow soap to keep them where you want them to live!  Surratt Beauty has an amazing brow pomade that will keep your brows in place all day.  e.l.f.  Beautifully Bare Brow Tint Gel has a hint of color and looks so natural.  Sometimes I will skip the powder step and just do this.  Soap Brows by West Barn Co. Soap is a great brow soap that will keep your brows in place and isn’t flakey.
  7.  Cleanup – a little makeup remover on a pointed cotton bud to remove any bit of the outline that you drew.

Tiffany Ascensio, Research Analyst, and Stylist at Alwaysinhighheels.com shares the following tips:

When drawing eyebrows without concealer, you are going to use the eyebrow itself as a stencil or starting point.

  1. First, let’s start with tools. There are a lot of different options when it comes to brows. For example, there are powders, pencils, creams, gels, and pens. The most important rule is to use whichever tool you are most comfortable with.
  2. Once you’ve picked your medium of choice, you are going to find the basic shape of your eyebrow. Use your pencil (or brush or pen) to lightly sketch the bottom line of your eyebrow using small strokes or dashes. This will give you a base structure for your brow. Moving forward, do not go below this line.
  3. Next, do the same thing across the top of your brow to create your ultimate brow shape. Keep in mind that the upper edge of your brow will determine most of your brow arch, so sketch that line accordingly.
  4. Once you have created the top line of your brow, do not go above that line. Although you are using your natural brow as a guide, it is ok to sketch your drawn on brows differently than your natural shape. Use this as an opportunity to give your arch a little lift, or make your thin brows look more full.
  5. Next, use your pencil (or brush or pen) to lightly draw a few (3-5) tiny baby hairs in the inner part of your brow closest to your nose. This will give your brows that “microbladed” natural look. The baby hairs do not all have to be the same length or going the same direction (you are mimicking regular hair).However, they do have to stay within the limitations of the top and bottom brow lines you created. A very fine point felt tip brow pen is really great for drawing precise baby hairs. Make sure you are not fully filling in this area with baby hairs. You’re just giving a bit of extra dimension and life to make your drawn on brows look real.
  6. Once your baby hairs are complete, go back into the rest of your brow (staying within your lines) and fill in any sparse spots with your pencil/brush/pen with tiny strokes or dashes to imitate hair.
  7. Last but not least, you can finish off your look with a swipe of clear or tinted brow gel to really lock your new brows in place.

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