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8 Best Fashion Accessories for Women

by Sandy Taylor

Women are synonymous with accessories as for many of them; an outfit is not complete without a few extra pieces. The best thing about them is that there are too many options in different forms, so you can never run out of options. The big problem, however, is to know what works and what is too much for your look.

Women’s fashion changes so fast, which is why you need a sense of personal style. This will guide you on the basics, so you don’t always have to follow trends. Learn what works for different outfits and occasions and eliminate the rest since sometimes less is more. Find out more about the various accessories that you should add to your closet and how to do it right.


There are three types of women; ones that love shoes or bags too much then others who don’t care for either. However, most women generally enjoy having a wide selection of shoes as they directly complement any look. It is good to have various types of shoes, such as sandals, stiletto, ballerina, brogues, strappy heels, and boots. All of these are great to have in a variety of colors, depending on your style. Get some statement footwear, for example, print, bold colors, or designs for days when you want all eyes on you. If you choose to wear heels, ensure that you practice walking in them to avoid embarrassing yourself.


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. While not all women particularly love these precious stones, many of them love jewelry on one form or the other. Choosing the right accessorizing pieces is one of the best ways of taking your outfit to the next level. Whether you like clean metallic or more tribal pieces, there are so many options from which to choose. 


One mistake that women make is overdoing it and wearing jewelry for every part of their body. In some cases such as parties or weddings, this may work, but for the most part, it won’t look right. Check on your outfit whenever you want to decide which jewelry to wear and use those that will best compliment the look.


These simple accessories can take any outfit from a five to a nine instantly. Belts for women don’t necessarily serve the same purpose as in men, which is why you should explore as much as possible. Get them in every size, color, and design since you never know when an outfit will call for one.

Have at least one or two belts for holding up your pants or for completing a denim outfit. You also need a few slim straps for your kimonos, dresses, and tops which you want to be snatched at the waist. These are excellent for defining your figure, and they will improve almost any of your clothes. If you are more adventurous, you can get some unique pieces such as ones made from chains or beads.


Most women will agree that an outfit is incomplete without a purse. This is one accessory that is a necessity since you need it to keep all your stuff as well as boost your look. As a woman who wants to have all the accessories, she needs there are three types of bags that you should have, namely a tote, clutch, and sling bag. 


These three bags form the basis of pretty much all the bags there are and will apply correctly in different outfits. You can then get different sizes, shapes, and of course, some fantastic statement pieces such as fanny pack, designer, and bohemian-inspired bags.


Whether you wear prescription glasses or clear ones for fun or as a fashion statement, finding the right eyewear is mandatory. Remember that the shape of your face mostly determines the look of the glasses that you wear. This is why it is best to always buy your sunglasses and frames in general from a physical store. In this way, you can try out different glasses and find the perfect fit for your face.

Other than your regular sunglasses, tiny statement glasses are back, and they are some of the best accessories you can use in a casual setting. They have smaller frames and lenses, so they are not meant for blocking the sun. Get a few of these in different colors and pair them with a great casual outfit for a unique look, the best part is you can wear them indoors as well.


Every woman needs a variety of scarves, from light chiffon to heavy cotton and wool. These pieces are, of course, excellent when it is cold but also serve as perfect accessories for everyday looks. You can choose to wear your scarf in any way either by tying into a bow or draping it over your neck.


Another trend that has not disappeared is doing head wraps that work for pretty much every woman, young or old. Find time to look for different long or large scarfs that you can use for those bad hair days that will also allow you to make a statement.


For a while, women stopped wearing pantyhose, but for those that love them, these are great ways of adding some finesse to an outfit. There are so many different types from the traditional silky nudes to lace and mesh stockings. They are suitable in both formal and casual settings, but if you are going t the office, stick to the regular nude colored ones. 

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are big right now as more people are embracing it as a way of expression and a unique way of improving your outfit. Stock up on some of those jeweled pins, hair bands, and bows that add some flair to your look. Do not overdo it since hair accessories can be a bit much for any look unless you are attending a traditional English event, in which case you can go all out. 

Finding ways to pair your accessories with outfits is not an easy task, and it may take a lot of experimenting. Get ideas from your favorite personalities, but don’t forget to add your style to it. This enables you to pull off any look with ease, and you can modify it at any time since you own it. Remember to stock up on quality pieces that will last longer but don’t become broke in the process.

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