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How to Use Gua Sha and Jade Rollers On Face and Neck

by Sandy Taylor

Right now, Jade Rolling and Gua Sha have become increasingly popular in the beauty society. Celebrities and influencers have all been raving about their new Jade rollers and their recent dives into Gua Sha. 

Since I was young I would watch my mother and grandmother use their Gua Sha every evening. As I have grown up, I have gathered all the information on this practice. 

What is Jade Rolling and Gua Sha?

The use of Jade rolling and Gua sha can be dated all the way back to ancient China, over the years it has been passed around from one to another as a way to maintain one’s skin. Typically in China, Jade rolling and Gua Sha will always involve the use of Jade stones. 

Jade has been known for its healing properties, treating fatigue, and anxiety. Women in China have used these two techniques to prevent ageing, sagging, increasing blood flow, and to give their skin a healthy glow. 

Today, Gua Sha and Jade rolling has evolved. Companies have started to use other crystals that offer a multitude of benefits. Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, and Blue Soladite are just a couple of other crystals being used. 


Why Use Jade Rolling and Gua Sha? 

Lymphatic Draining 

The lymphatic system helps remove the toxins from your body.  Lymph nodes can be found at the front of your ears and your clavicle. Typically when you’re massaging your face you are told to go upward but when draining from your clavicle you want to go downward. By massaging your face towards these points, you can drain your body from these toxins. 

Releasing Tension 

Over time, your face will have built up lots of tension. Stress and anxiety are two of the biggest causes of facial tension. Additionally, staring at a screen all day does not help with tension at all! By massaging your face using these tools, you are releasing that tension, preventing fine lines and wrinkles from forming. 

While Jade rolling is more suited to lymphatic draining Gua Sha is optimal for releasing tension in your face. With that being said both can still be used for either case. 


How Do I Use Them? 

Here’s How To Use a Jade Roller On Face and Neck: 

Depending on the Jade roller you buy, you may have two rollers or one. The one-roller can be used all over your face but it may be more difficult to reach small crevices. 

The two-roller has a smaller roller on one end that is meant for your nose and under your eyes. The big roller is meant for the larger surface areas on your face such as the cheeks and forehead. 

With the Jade roller, you can roll on an area for about 3-5 times to get an effect. 

Here’s How To Use a Gua Sha On Face and Neck: 

On your Gua Sha, you will notice that there is a curved inward dent, that should be used for your cheekbone and chin. They are meant to fit perfectly in those areas. 

For the outward section of the Gua Sha, it can be used on your forehead, cheeks, under your eyes, nose, and neck.

With the Gua Sha, run over each section 3 times. You also want to make sure the Gua Sha is tilted at a 45-degree angle. You do not want to use the edge of the Gua Sha, which would be too rough on your skin.  

You typically want to start with the back of the neck when you are releasing tension. By starting with the back of your neck, you will make it easier to release facial tension. 

Take Note:

  1. DO NOT be rough with your skin! You do not want to be abrasively tugging at your skin as it can cause wrinkles and sag in the long run. Running it gently along your face is so much better! 
  2. Be wary of the PRESSURE you’re applying to your face. You do not want to add any excess pressure while using these tools. You should be having a firm grip on the roller and Gua Sha but adding pressure does more harm than good. 
  3. CLEAN your Jade roller and Gua Sha BEFORE and AFTER use. You do not want to spread bacteria all over your face and cause breakouts. 
  4. NEVER pull downward on your face, you’re only going to help gravity do its work in pulling your face downward.

Pro Tips:

  1. If you really want to optimize results, you can pair Gua Sha/Jade Rolling with a serum or a moisturizer! Not only does it act as a lubricant to prevent abrasive pulling but it also pushes the products deeper into your pores!
  2. You can also have a sheet mask on while you use your Jade roller! It allows your skin to really soak up all the nutrients in the face mask.
  3. Put your Gua Sha or Jade Roller in the fridge! When you wake up in the morning, the cold temperature can treat your skin by depuffing it. 


About the Author 

Jasmin Akbari is a freelance writer who offers blogging and article writing services. She is consistently evolving her skill set in the beauty and lifestyle industry. She is always on the lookout for the next best thing in the beauty industry and has learned so much through trial and error. 

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