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Selecting The Best Foundation For Pale Skin

by Sandy Taylor

Your skin tone is a couple of shades darker than the wall. Your friends urge you to put on sunscreen before heading out to the beach. The sales lady at the makeup store offers you her lightest brand, but you ruined her day because it wasn’t anywhere close to how light you are. You jumped up and down when Sephora introduced the Pantone IQ program but later discovered that you don’t match any of the 110 colors. You look up into the sky in despair and think to yourself: “Now What?”

It could be tricky finding the right color of foundation to match your light skin tone. With so many products out there, which one is the best foundation for pale skin? But have no fear, help is near! We come up with a list of foundations that will work wonders on light skin tones. We looked at a number of factors before selecting these products. These factors include price, features, available color tones, ingredients used and what others have said about them.

So What’s The Best Foundation For Pale Skin? 4 Products That Rock On Light Skin

L’Oreal Paris Visible Lift Line-Minimizing & Tone-Enhancing Makeup

L’Oreal continues to bring us quality products and this tone-enhancing liquid foundation is definitely not a disappointment. This is a multifunction product that can help you cover up wrinkles and skin imperfections. It is a light formula that is designed for pale skin and it does a great job at balancing out your skin tone. Like all other good multi-function products, this foundation comes with a SPF of 17 which means you will be well protected under the sun.

What we like about this foundation is that it contains all the great ingredients that we love. It also comes with L’Oreal’s technologies, X-tensium and Pro Retinol, which helps to smooth wrinkles. As it is designed to be used on pale skin, the colors that are  available are also very light. The product doesn’t feel heavy and at a low price point, this foundation is definitely something that we recommend to our light skinned readers.

Dermablend Cover Foundation Creme SPF 30

Dermablend foundationThis cream foundation is being hailed in the makeup community as the foundation that doesn’t make acne breakouts worse and doesn’t slide off the face after many hours of wear. There are many different colors available, including those lighter colors for pale skin. If you are unsure about which color to choose. We suggest that a slightly darker color is easier to blend then one that is too light. This foundation is pretty heavy and provides a great full coverage. The container may look small, however, this formula has an amazing spread. You will only require a small amount of it each time and each container can last 2 to 3 months.

Here is a small tip: if you decide to go for this product, use a small amount of powder over it to give it a more natural look. For people with pale skin, we suggest the ivory color because it looks the most natural. People use this product for tattoo, birthmarks and other cover ups. Customers are usually quite satisfied with this product.

Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation

Mineral Liquid FoundationThis liquid foundation promises a quick and complete coverage. It is currently available in a variety of colors but we suggest using the “Pale Beige” color for people with pale skin. We love this product because it is very light weight, has UV protection and is hypoallergenic. The formula applies on smoothly and sets to a soft powder finish. It is paraben free and fragrance free. The thin liquid formula provides a superior coverage. You will not get that cake-y feeling that is often associated with other products. Overall it is a great product at a good price point. The pale beige color options makes this an ideal foundation for those with light pale colored skin!

Tips To Selecting The Right Shade Of Foundation For Pale Skin While Shopping Online

One of the trickiest things that many people face while shopping for foundations online is finding the correct foundation tone without having a physical sample of the product. While it is true that some people will know which colors to look out for through pure experience, others may have trouble when faced with unfamiliar products. It is even trickier if your skin is pale as you may have a lighter shade than what most manufactures have for offer. To ensure that you save time and money while choosing products online, we have come up with some tips to help you find the right shade of foundation!

Tip 1: If you already know your own shade in a particular brand of makeup, a great tool at Findation.com allows you to find equal shades in other makeup brands. For example, if you know your shade in MAC, you can find your match in Benefit.

Tip 2: You can use beauty forums to leverage the knowledge of others who may have used the products that you have interests in. Sites like Makeup Talk have many members who are eager to give you a hand. Simply post a picture of yourself and ask people for advice. For best results, the picture should be taken during the day with a slight overcast.

Tip 3: If you want to be absolutely sure that you get the right color of shade, the best store to go to for help is MAC. This is because MAC is a large international company with a large selection of colors. Go to your nearest MAC store and a consultant will help you find the right color. It is then your choice to continue shopping at MAC or return home to find other deals online. You can also use the tool I mentioned above to translate the color you got from MAC to other brands.

Tip 4: Temptalia has created a great foundation matrix that you could use. You can either use your existing foundation or start from scratch. The matrix provides simple instructions for you to follow. It guides you through the steps to discover your own undertone, skin tone and more!

Tip 5: This may sound odd but you should choose foundations that match your chest color. Most people make the mistake of matching with their cheek or forehead. However, these are not ideal locations because they contain too many highlights or shadows that are lighter or darker than the rest of your face. Your chest usually has a much more even tone then the rest of your body. If you wear clothes that expose your cleavage from time to time, your chest should have received roughly the same amount of sun as your face. This make your chest the ideal location for matching your skin tone.

Guide To Customizing Foundation Shades To Match Your Light Tone

We understand your frustrations when choosing the right shade of foundation for your pale skin. Everyone is different and for some people, it may be difficult to find a “magic bottle” of foundation that will match them perfectly. One of the biggest questions that we get asked all the time is “How do I mix and match foundation to match my tone?”. To help others out there get the most out of their makeup, I have put together the following guide for customizing foundation:

1) Do you know your undertone? Are you yellow, olive or pink? This step is critical and you must determine your undertone before moving onto the next step.

2) Pick a brand or product that you like. It must have the functions that you are looking for and at a price point that works for you. You should check out our product suggestions above or do a little bit of research yourself.

3) Try on a sample of the product. Ask for a sample when you go out  to the stores next time. Find a color that is lighter than your tone and then another that is a tad darker. Ensure that you match the color as close to your chest tone as possible.

4) If you want to experiment more with a certain product. We suggest getting one of the “Try it Kits” most brands offer. We recommend playing around with these kits to get a feel of the colors as well as the functions of the products. One kit that we like is the BareMinerals Try. Believe. Love. Kit

5) Customize your foundation by mixing the different samples together. This part requires some trial and error. Write down the ratio that works for you.

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