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Skin Tanning Pills: The Safer Approach to an Even Tanning Effect

by Sandy Taylor

When it comes to tanning, having a sunbath at the beaches always comes to mind. People have been doing it for years, even after knowing the adverse effects of sun tanning. As a result, there are more skin cancer cases than ever. Though tanning has its sound effects, more and more people are approaching it.

In all this chaos, a revolutionary product has been introduced in the market that is known as skin tanning pills. As the name implies, these pills work by increasing the melanin levels in your cells and help to create an even tanning effect. 

Let’s see how the skin tanning pills are a safer approach and why sun tanning is not an option you should opt for.

Is It Ideal To Use Sunbaths And Sunbeds?

The sunbath is the most common way to achieve a tanned look. However, it is not safer at all. When your skin gets darker, it also receives damage in those skin cells. Carrying on the activity creates even more damage and terminates the cells, which eventually lead to DNA mutation.

The same is true with tanning bed that most people consider safe. However, even when the temperatures are regulated there, your skin is still prone to damage. The UV rays powerful, regardless of the method you use for tanning as long as you expose your skin to the sun.

How Are Skin Tanning Pills Safer?

Now that you know the dangers of UV ray exposure, let’s look at some alternatives. Skin tanning pills is an approach towards tanning. These pills contain a specific ingredient that triggers the melanin levels in your skin and initiate the tanning process.

The major ingredients remain as Carotene and copper with other amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. When all these components act together, you start observing a difference in the complexion of your skin. This is considered a much safer technique to activate your cells.

However, these pills do require you to expose your skin to the sun for a few minutes every day. This activates the ingredients even further so you can achieve the desired results within a fair timeline.

The Safety Measures to Follow While Exposing Your Skin Outside

The good news is that while consuming the skin tanning pills along with sun exposure, one can have even tan. However, you should always be cautious about soaking in the sun.

You need to have a sunscreen with you at all times. It should be of quality or from a well-known brand. By quality, we do not mean that you go for an SPF 100 cream. There would be no difference if you apply SPF 50 or 100. It is the amount and frequency of the product that matters!

You should apply the sunscreen every two hours as its chemical effectiveness fades away with time. Take care of the quantity as well; a handful of sunscreen works effectively and not less than that. Apply it evenly on your body than just the exposed area. This is a mistake people often make thinking that only the exposed areas need to be covered.

Opt for the Ideal Skin Tanning Pills

People with all types of complexions can opt for natural skin tanning pills. However, it takes time to increase the melanin levels in the skin cells as per the fairness level. With the right amount of consumption and following the recommended regime, achieving an even tan is possible.

By consuming the tanning pills, you may have less risk of skin cancer. Choose a pack of tanning pills that have all-natural ingredients. Read the recommended dosages as per your skin tone and consume the pills routinely.

There are self-tanners available too that are basically the products that work on dye procedure. These products provide your skin a radish tint that does not stay permanent, and sometimes, it does not provide an even tan. While exploring tanning products, it is recommended to choose skin tanning pills that have natural elements.


Be healthier and more attractive with skin tanning pills instead of sunbathing for hours. With the use of tanning pills, you can protect yourself from UV radiation that causes sunburn and skin cancer. Ensure to check the ingredients every time while buying your pack of pills and choose a reputable seller.


About the Author: I am Alex Martin from Melanotanaus.com and I have been writing for last many years. Since my childhood days, I was an avid reader and a keen observer. Reading novels have always been my cup of tea. My educational background in English has given me a broader base for approaching many vast topics. 

I, especially, enjoy writing about what’s trending in the present world, be it technical or non-technical. I have also written numerous articles based on skin tanning pills. Besides writing, what interests me is surfing technical blogs, playing badminton, and reading fictions. 

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