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Business – Beauty, Makeup, Skincare, Hair, Fashion

by Sandy Taylor

Why You Should Work With Foundation Fairy

Get in front of a growing audience of blog readers who love beauty and makeup related topics. Working with Foundationfairy.com puts your content, products or services in front of thousands of beauty lovers thereby giving your product or brand more exposure.

Here are some quick stats on our site:

60000+ Monthly Pageviews (and growing)!

2500+ Social Media Followers (and growing)!

1500+ Email Subscribers (and growing)!


Business Opportunities

PR Inquires

Please contact us with detailed information of your PR request along with your contact information. We will review your request and get back to you within 1-2 days.

Advertising Space

Pricing for advertisement space is to be negotiated based on the size of your banner as well as the time length you would like it up. We love to support local businesses as well!


We are looking to collaborate with other brands for promotion. Please contact us with your inquires.

Guest Posts

We are also accept guest posts. Please visit our write for us page for more information.

Bloggers / Content Creators

Are you a blogger or content creator who is looking for more ways to monetize your website and web traffic?  Foundationfairy.com is a partner of Ezoic, a machine learning based advertisement testing and optimization platform that can help you increase your website’s earning potential. Ezoic is a Google Certified Advertising Partner. Check out their website to find out more.

Contact Information

Contact: admin [at] foundationfairy.com