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How to Make Your Eyes Look Younger Without Makeup (Expert Tips)

by Sandy Taylor

It’s possible to make your eyes look younger without makeup. In this post, we’ve put together a collection of ideas and techniques that you can try at home.

These methods are easy to do, even for beginners. They do require more time to get results but it’s worth the effort and the results are long-lasting.

Here are the best ways to make your eyes look younger without using makeup:

Perform Eye Lifting Exercises

Cynthia Rowland, anti-aging expert, and creator of the Facial Magic exercise system suggests using eye lifting exercises to make your eyes look younger.

When performing this exercise, be cautious the upper eye skin is very delicate. The undereye area is also delicate and both must be handled with care.

Most people over the age of 35 see that their upper eyes are beginning to look tired and hooded. The skin above the lashes needs new life and that is accomplished by first lifting the brows, then forcing nutrient-rich blood to that skin.


Using an eye cream with light-reflecting minerals, add a drop of the eye cream onto the tips of your ring fingers.

Begin under the inner brow and trace your fingertips and apply the eye cream under the inner brows and down to the undereye area. Continue until a full circle has been completed around the upper and lower eye region. Circle your eyes 15 times. Allow the area to rest for a few seconds

Step-By-Step Eye Lifting Excercise

  1. Look in the mirror and judge the distance between your eyebrow and eyelashes.
  2. Place the three middle fingers of each hand underneath your eyebrows.
  3. Drop the palms of your hands to your face.
  4. With your fingertip pads underneath your brows, push your eyebrows up and hold them in this position with your eyes open.
  5. Push your eyebrows down into your fingertips. Count 5 seconds.
  6. Remove your hands, take a deep breath and begin again.
  7. The next three reps are held for 10 seconds each for a total of 35 seconds. At the 7th second, gently close your eyes.

Perform this exercise once a day, six days in a row. Your forehead will lift and tighten, your eyes will look refreshed and definitely less tired.

DIY Treatments

Mary Winkenwerder, makeup artist and beauty blogger suggests using DIY oil treatments and soothing exfoliating masks to make your eyes look younger. Here are 2 methods that she shares:

Anti-aging Natural Oil Treatment

Apply a mild yet effective oil around the eye area. Place a few drops of oil onto fingertips and press together distributing the oil evenly onto all fingertips. Gently press into the skin around the eye area with a rocking motion. Do not rub when applying the oil.

The eye area in this application includes under the eye, the orbit area around the eye, above the brow area, between the brows above the bridge of the nose.

Some of my favorite oil choices are argan oil, avocado oil, green coffee oil. These three oils are great for anti-aging. Green coffee oil offers a jolt of wake up energy for the eye area. Argan + avocado offers a rich and highly effective way to moisturize + nourish the skin without a greasy finish.

Blueberry and Coconut Soothing Exfoliating Mask

What you will need: 

  • 1 x Cup fresh blueberries
  • 3 x Tbsp fresh coconut flakes (dry)

What you need to do:

  1. Puree blueberries.
  2. Finely grate or chop/pulverize coconut in a food processor.
  3. Mix the two raw ingredients together very well.
  4. Apply the newly mixed raw mask around the eyes. Allow the mask to set for up to 10 minutes.
  5. Remove the mask with micellar or regular water after 5 minutes and blot dry the areas where the mask was applied.

This mask helps with producing an extra layer of antioxidant protection while exfoliating the skin with a nourishing and natural gentle scrub element.

Other Ideas You Should Consider

Jordan Artistry, Licensed Cosmetologist, shared a few additional ideas that you should consider:

Eye masks – With age we tend to develop dark circles and under-eye wrinkles. Eye masks are similar to sheet masks for your face, but are smaller and specifically designed for the under-eye area. On many of my clients I apply eye masks prior to makeup application, they are a simple way to brighten and hydrate your under eyes for all ages!

Gentle Massage – Lightly massage your under eyes starting from your inner corners and working your way out. Massaging around your eyes is not only a great way to reduce puffiness and dark circles, but it’s also a wonderful self-care practice.

Curling your lashes – Lashes have the power of giving your eyes a more open youthful look and curling your lashes is a simple way to open the appearance of your eyes. There are many curling methods available, for example, you can use lash curlers, heated lash curlers, or have your lashes professionally permed. The least expensive, but most temporary way to lift your lashes is by using a mechanical lash curler.

Lash Extensions and Serums – As we age our lashes become smaller and less full compared to when we were younger. Lash serums help stimulate lash hair growth, typically within four to eight weeks. Lash extensions are another method to create the appearance of full lashes. Lash extensions are made from mink, silk, or synthetic hair, each hair is individually placed onto your natural eyelashes. The lash extension process is tedious, it can take up to two hours and will need to be retouched every three to four weeks. Having lash extensions may seem high maintenance for some, but if applied and taken care of properly they look naturally youthful and beautiful! If you are considering getting lash extensions, please look for a certified professional lash technician who can advise you in proper care and maintenance.

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